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A Memoir on Perseverance, Finance and Faith

Number #1 International Best Seller
Braving The Odds
Braving The Odds


Braving the Odds: A Memoir on Resilience, Finance, and Faith

An intimate and inspiring memoir by the CNBC, All Africa Business Woman of the Year Award Award winner.

Having been a multi-award-winning CEO of a large international bank, Mizinga Melu knows what it’s like being the only woman in the boardroom. It’s not an easy ride. From navigating untaught corporate politics, finding her skills and experience routinely questioned, and having to work harder just to have her voice heard, her resilience has been constantly put to the test. However, she was primed to overcome hardship.

This isn’t just a book about braving the odds in the boardroom—it’s about how an ordinary girl from Zambia overcame such setbacks as the loss of her mother while still a young girl, failing out of nursing school as a young woman, and being denied an executive role she knew she was the most qualified for as an aspiring banker. Melu warmly invites readers into her world, chronicling the experiences that have shaped her—from her childhood growing up on a farm and the growth of her deep and unwavering faith, to her years as a global banking executive balancing the demands of career and motherhood while living internationally.

Braving the Odds is a story about being a daughter, wife, mother, woman of God, and an African businesswoman in a white man’s world. Through its telling, she hopes to inspire women and girls around the world to not let anything stand in their way.

Reviewed in the United States / Amazon

Amazing – Against the Odds

AMAZING ....WOW....Every Zambian should read this book... every African should read this book... Anyone who wants to know how hard a woman's world can be at times in Africa and yet know how to beat the odds should read this book. Failing at one thing does not mean you won't succeed at something else... being less privileged than others does not mean you will never succeed in life... everything happens for reason, every pain has a lesson... Never give up... wow wow wow... I don't want to be a spoiler.... I could not stop reading from the moment I read the Prologue

Reviewed in United States / Amazon

Amazing Rise of a Leader

Mizinga Melu's book Braving the Odds is an outstanding book about the emergence of a great female leader. Mizinga shares her success in rising to the top of a male dominated leadership position. The book brought a few tears as she shared the love, encouragement, heartbreak and dependence of a wise father that encouraged her to go for her goals in life. I loved how she overcame great obstacles on her way to the top. I highly recommend this book as it encouraged me and it will you too, to never give up.

Linda Rutendo Maliki
Reviewed in the United States / Amazon


WOW Mizinga. You have really brought out how you are such an inspiration to women, the girl child and especially to me.its amazing how you rose after failing nursing. Taking the world by its horns and making it your oyster. Teaching me to never give up no matter how hard and how many times I fall. Great book. I couldn't stop reading it. Highly recommended to everyone who seeks to rise in the world. Am definitely buying copies for my girls. I can't wait for the next book on your journey. God bless you.

Almost Write
Reviewed in the United States / Amazon

Aspiration Inspiration

Read this to learn why it is so vital to think of where you want to go rather than accept where you are. Mizinga tells a fascinating story of her rise from a little school girl planting maize on her father's farm to bank CEO and beyond. She shares her story with deep emotion, humor, and great common sense for all women in the corporate world.


  1. Betty Zulu

    I can not wait to have the book and read it all,you have been my Inspiration

  2. Jessy

    can’t wait to read mizinga melu’s book. she’s so inspiring kind of woman.

    • Mizinga Melu

      Thank you so much. Don’t forget to get your copy

  3. Timmy Sibbuku Nyundo

    Woow! Very proud of you our own Zambian product. We will/shall help you promote the latest book.

  4. Hajira Ginwalla - Canada

    Mizinga Melus’s enthralling book, “Braving the Odds” strikes a powerful chord. Mizinga is a home town girl and some one I worked with at Standard Chartered Bank. Mizinga always exhibited great leadership qualities, mentoring and guiding new recruits with great patience and kindness. This best seller is a compelling story of Mizinga’s intimate struggle to defy insurmountable odds; the inner monologue is riveting, illuminating and instructive. An inspirational story by an empathetic, well-grounded, down to earth person who has a unique sense of humour and has remained true to her roots.
    Her memoir chronicles an honest reflection of the experiences that shaped her from a carefree farm girl to a CEO operating in high-powered, male- dominated global, financial circles. Mizinga Melus is a powerful advocate for women and young girls all over the world and a role model for the financial world.

    • Mizinga Melu

      Such a beautiful review. Thank you so much, Hajira. God Bless sis!

  5. Silukena Mwanangombe

    Looking forward to reading this book. Would like to find out how I can get my book signed once I purchase it this month end. Am within Lusaka. Best regards.

  6. Musonda Enock

    Proud of you madam

  7. Michael

    Getting a copy this monthend. I must say your podcast has done so much for me already but I want to confound the content therein with the book. Thank you phenomenal woman – Inspirational, phenomenally.🙏💪


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