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Peaks and Valleys

A lovely book spreading the way of thinking of life during terrible and great occasions. I’ve come to believe that everyone is going through something major just about everyday of their life. Certainly with what’s happening in our culture, economy and government, this is true. That’s why I believe this book will be helpful to read.

Go ahead and pick up your copy and join me on the book club forum!

Who killed Change?

You will undoubtedly relate the characters in this book to your own working environment. .

The Key inquiries assist you in assessing the strength of your association’s change activities, and you’ll learn best practices for empowering and supporting the ideal change.

Come and join the forum and tell me what you think?

Who moved my Cheese?

This is a book that I read every January. It is a very simple story that brings about profound truths about change.

How people find it difficult to embrace change and how it is viewed by different characters who have different desires.

Please join me as we walk the journey of Who moved my cheese and lessons that go with it!

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