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If you have a dream, all you have to do is start – just start

Let me start off with the words “Just Start”

Those two simple words were the beginning of Kimora Twenty Eight Limited and K-28 Fitness. I have always been into sports and fitness my entire life and growing up with very supportive parents allowed me to explore my abilities in every sport that you can think of. However my journey to get to K-28 Fitness was a long one. Growing up in the UK and coming back to Zambia wasn’t an easy transition for me but my mum would always tell me that one day you will find your feet.

When we came back to Zambia I got thrown into the world of business and to my surprise, my mum was right, I eventually found my feet and development a keen sense for business.

Fast forward a couple of years and as things go in business I hit a slump and lost everything. As I worked to pick myself back up I found myself watching a motivational video and I heard two lines in the video that stood out to me and they said “Your gift is the thing you do the best with the least amount of effort ” and that made me think of my passion for sports and fitness and how it came so naturally to me and the last line was “If you have a dream, all you have to do is start – just start” and that’s exactly what I did. With no money but full of confidence, I started with the belief that God had my back. I would always tell myself you just need one client and that’s what happened, I was fortunate enough to get one client that turned into two, then three and the numbers kept growing.

With both my background in business combained with my gift in sports and fitness I was able to put the two worlds together and create K-28 Fitness and we are very blessed to have amazing clients on board for our journey.

Our main aim is to change the lives of all Zambian’s through sports and fitness and our main target is the youth of Zambia. We want to keep them fit and healthy which in turn will provide them with good mental wellness in the classroom and in their day to day lives. I am a huge believer in K-28 Fitness and I truly believe Fitness is Life.

Join me and my team on our journey to get Zambia fit and healthy by joining our K-28 family and following us @kimora28ltd on Instagram

Lastly to anyone out there with a dream – “Just Start” no matter how small, you can achieve great things if you put fear aside and Just Start.

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