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Growth Leadership!

Decades back, leadership space was guarded, very few managers would share information with their subordinates for fear of losing their role to a subordinate. If my subordinates know what I know, I may be declared redundant, when I am out of office, my absence must be felt, then the business will know I add value. Such mind set is archaic!

I wonder how you would enjoy your holiday in Seychelles/Livingstone if you are to respond to every task at the office.
21st century leadership looks at managing people differently, it’s about empowering teams to work independently. An independent team is more productive, and present less burden on the leader. As leaders, we must all invest time in developing others, identify top performers and have development discussions with them. For the average performers, give them candid feedback on their gaps and pledge your commitment to helping them.

Self-retrospection: When you retire, leave for greener pasture etc. do you have people under you whom you are coaching, mentoring and empowering to take over from you?
Be a 21st century leader who aspires to motivate the team, empower subordinates to work independently and be deliberate about team development. Promote a learning culture in your team.

Mary Likuni Malundu
HR Practitioner

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