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As we close the month of March, celebrating Women with the theme and emphasis on “Choose to Challenge”, what
continues to ring in my mind is our need as Women to continue this important journey; “Choosing to Challenge”
ourselves in every initiative we embark on. We need to continue to challenge the status quo for the continued
betterment of ourselves and the future generations. Today I refer to myself as a seasoned Banker, there are many things
I have learnt along the way, over the years from my Leadership journey. I believe that whilst we can’t go back in a time,
we must make time to “Pay it Forward” for benefit of others.

The first thing I would like to share and the most important is that you must steer your career to what you love and are
passionate about. This is not only because life is too short to spend doing what you don’t like, but importantly to
succeed in a career, you have to love and be passionate about what you do. You must be quick to acknowledge when
you find yourself in a bad career match. You must always allow your passion to lead your career choices.

The second, is the need to embrace and be proud of oneself, focusing on the things that one has, being positive with
these in mind. Always remember that life is not a 100% sum game and not always easy, for example, no matter how
brilliant you are, not everybody will appreciate you, you just need to focus on the people that do. Stressing about what
you don’t have isn’t constructive but being excited about what you do have is.

The third point is what I consider a real secret to success in life, which is make genuine friends with people that are also
passionate about going where you want to go and people who are a few steps ahead of you in life and who are where
you want to be. These are typically people that have already been there, done that and can help you. There is nothing
more encouraging than this, remember that there is virtually no problem you can face today that other people haven’t
already been through.

Finally, I encourage you to set goals and dreams outside your comfort zone, think BIG and aim to ‘hit it out of the Park’.
Setting goals and dreams outside your comfort zone – that’s where life is lived. Remember that Leadership is about
personal development so be willing to continually learn and grow. Leadership is a journey of life, make sure you make
this journey with Integrity, having FUN along the way.

In summary, make sure that you love and are passionate about your career choices, make genuine friends to help and
encourage you along the way. Remain positive, thinking “BIG, outside the box with Integrity being a key driver. Have
FUN and all the best.

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