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Peaks and Valleys Review

This book is a must-read for everyone. The insights and experiences apply both at work and in life. Let me start by sharing some summary notes.

• It’s natural for everyone, everywhere to have peaks and valleys at work and in life
• Peaks represent the good times and valleys represent the bad times
• Peaks and valleys are not just the good and bad times that happen to you. They are also how you feel inside and respond to outside events
• Peaks and valleys are connected
• You cannot always control external events but you can control your personal peaks and valleys by what you believe and what you do
• The path out of the valley appears when you decide to see things differently
• You can change your valley into a peak when you find and use the good that is hidden in the bad time
• If you do not learn in the valley you can become bitter if you truly learn you can become better

All the above are so true. It’s one thing to read and know about what to do in times of bad experiences but it’s the application of the principles that matter. The other aha moment for me as l read and continue reading this book is the 2 questions one has to ask in every situation.

1. What is the truth in this situation?
2. How can l be of more service in this situation?

There is also a part of being on a plateau. A time to rest, reflect and renew. We are so busy doing life that sometimes we forget to take a simple break that can make so much difference. We also need to celebrate life and the little milestones in our lives. In every situation, there is a hidden truth. There are lessons to be learned even in the valley. We also need to manage and be wise during good times.

I am reminded of the story of Joseph in the bible and the interpretation of the King’s dream. 7 years of abundance and 7 years of famine. The secret of managing the famine years was in what they did in the years of bumper harvest.

Having your own sensible vision. What is your truth? A sensible vision is a practical way to help you get to where you want to go. Using the 5 senses to create your future, feel it, see it and create it!

Remember as a man thinketh so is He. Happy Reading!!!

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