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GRATITUDE Breeds Success!

It’s my birthday.

GRATITUDE Breeds Success! Same God back then Same God right now!

Over the years in my life’s journey I have learned and truly experienced how Gratitude Breeds success! I would like to share some of my simple tips which have kept me on the Gratitude lane!

Mizinga Melu Birthday

1. Be grateful to God always! In ALL things weather big or small, give thanks to God!
2. Master the art of turning powerless moments into powerful testimonies! Trials, Tribulations and Troubles will happen to us all, BUT we shall overcome! It is biblical!
3. When you have done all you can stand back and leave the rest to God! It always works out in the end!
4. Don’t judge yourself based on your current situations, the best is yet to come! Same God back then, Same God right now!
5. Write a book and tell your own story! You are the best author to tell your story!
6. Take risks! You will never get that higher pay cheque staying in your comfort zone!
7. Learn to say NO! Including No to drama unless you are paying for it on Netflix!
8. As you rise, lift up others with you! It’s more blessed to give than to receive!
9. Know your personal brand value, nature it and ensure it’s sponsorable!
10. Health tips! Exercise more, eat healthy, Forgive easily, And Love more!
11. Be Ruthless in prioritizing who you surround your self with and how you spend your time! You only have so many hours a day!
12. Work hard for the money now so that the money can work for you in the future! Read Rich Dad Poor Dad! One of the best books one can read!
13. Spend quality time with with your God and your family. When all is said and done, they are what really matter!
14. Don’t worry too much about what people think of you! 50% will like you just for who you are! 25% will not like you regardless! And 25% will not be sure where they stand with you! And it’s called Life! Focus on the 50%!
15. Ensure your life, business and family be filled with the treasures of wisdom, health, happiness, peace, joy, faith, hope and love.
16. Don’t take life too seriously! Have fun whilst working hard and loving life!


I would love to hear your tips and what has kept you on your gratitude lane!


Which tip resonates the most with you!

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