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Never waste an opportunity to use your ELEVATOR SPEECH!

One of the best door openers to careers is the ability to audition yourself in a clear, concise and commercial way to a person of influence – communicate the value you can bring to an organization or a position. It’s all about what you can briefly describe about you in 60 seconds. That is the elevator speech or commonly known as pitch!

When you look back when was the last time you think you had a great opportunity to use your elevator speech? Do you have any regrets on how you could have expressed yourself better? Did you waste the elevator speech? Why is it important?

When I mentor young professionals, I emphasize the need to always have your elevator speech at the tip of your tongue.
It is what could leave your potential boss or CEO thinking that ‘wow they are quite bright and I definitely want to hear more ideas from them!’ The elevator speech is described as time it takes while in an elevator to move from one floor to the next with an average of 60 seconds.

It is almost a selling pitch but you are highlighting the key elements that you would like the person of influence to know about you.

Note that in this case an elevator speech is not an actual elevator but it is a metaphor which describes what you would/should do if you were to bump into a person of influence and all you have is 60 seconds to make your mark and impresssion

Many a times when I’m in an elevator with people I’m meeting for the first time, they spend time asking me how I am and how my family is and that is OK, but it also means they lose the opportunity to express their elevator speech in the few seconds before the elevator doors open onto the next floor.
Every young professional should always have their elevator speech well planned and ready to use in the chance of meeting that influencer who can impact their future career paths.

I remember when i first met my CEO Mervyn in an actual elevator. Mervyn was very chatty and he literally took over the conversation with me. I had to bring the conversation back to me and quickly express my elevator speech. Before I could finish, the elevator doors opened and wallah! I had lost my opportunity to tell my elevator speech. I missed my opportunity to take charge of the elevator speech and from that day I decided to master the power of an elevator speech. I have found that they are the most powerful speeches that every professional needs to master and have. It’s better you have it and not use it than not have it at all.

So in summary, the elevator speech has to be positive, persuasive, precise and memorable. Essentially Less is More!

All the best as you plan for the next elevator speech!

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