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Keep your sense sharp, sniff the changes and scurry to action!

Chishimba Musonda is a Communications expert with a degree in Political Science and International Relations with a heart for literacy.
Her position as Founder and CEO of Cheech’s Book Club marries her skills, gifts and passions as she executes major corporate decisions, manages overall operations.
Reading has opened my mind to vast perspectives on life and increased my desire to remain teachable and constantly evolve.
The Mizinga Melu Bookclub January read “Who moved my cheese”
Is a timely book with current unprecedented changes in the world, the book illustrates human behaviour towards transitions and alterations in their spheres and provides such great insight.
The book is centred on 4 characters 2 mice dubbed sniff and scurry, and 2 little people named hem and haw who live in a maze in constant search for cheese.
Cheese in the book is a metaphor for what you to achieve or attain in life.
The lesson in the book is to take advantage of new opportunities and create the best future through adaptability. Do not change who you are, however, innovate your actions one day at a time.
Keep your senses sharp, sniff the changes and scurry to action.
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