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Peaks and Valleys by Stephen Spencer!

As you Brave the Odds, People you surround yourself with really matter!
This week I am reading a really interesting book from my book club called Peaks and Valleys by Stephen Spencer! This book is extremely relatable to our daily lives as we all experience cycles of good times and bad times, the Peaks and Valleys.
While we can not choose some of the experiences we go through we do have a choice of the types of people we surround yourselves with during these periods and these choices can make a huge impact on making a difference in the process of your life.
Let’s take look at the types of people you should surround yourself with during your peaks and valleys!

Surround your self with:

– People who encourage you to quickly get up and get out of your comfort zone and Brave the Odds to rise to your Peak. The valley can be an extremely comfortable zone and it is very easy to remain there – The comfort zone does not challenge you or expand your thinking. To move to the next level, you have to consciously push yourself to become comfortable being uncomfortable by taking on challenges which may scare you but will get you out of your comfort zone
Be willing to learn all the tough lessons from the valley and move on

  – People who will help you get out of the valley quicker. During periods of the valley it is easy to fall into the trap of feeling sorry for ourselves and blame the Odds! You need people who will challenge you with sometimes hard truths to push you get out of the valley


– People who will help you stay at your peak longer. Climbing out of any valley to your peak is not an easy task and your momentum may wane. Make sure you keep a support system that will keep you in check and urge you on when you feel you can not go on

– People who will believe in you when you are in the valley and during low times. It’s not enough to have people just stand by you but what matters is having people who will encourage you to go beyond your potential.

– People who are mature enough and understand that going through valleys and peaks is part of normal life experiences. They will remind you that you are not alone and encourage you not to feel ashamed. It is not about the Odds but how one braves the odds during these times.

– People who during low times encourage you and help you bring the best out of you. They recognize and understand your talents and strengths which can help you Brave the Odds. They walk the journey with you to get to the top.

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