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Seize Every Moment

Seize Every Moment to Grow 

Everything progressive in this world is premised on the principle of growth. Nothing was designed to stagnate. Whether it’s a newly born baby or a start-up business, growth is expected.

In the medical field, stunted growth is a cause for concern; It shows that something is wrong with the child and if possible intervention must be instituted.

This growth principle applies to our everyday living. Each person should consciously and deliberately decide to better themselves in order to become a refined version of who they are today.

We must never shy away from investing in ourselves; we must seize every opportunity to learn and acquire new knowledge that will make us competitive in the market place.

Mizinga Melu Business

In order to experience real growth, one must first grow their capacity to accommodate the challenges that come with expansion. If you have not expanded your capacity, then you are not ready for growth.

It’s very important to maximise your potential and make use of every progressive opportunity that that comes your way. Always, desire to grow and never become complacent with your current achievements. There is more you can do. Dare to growth!

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