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Don’t Quit!

Mizinga Melu

Don’t Quit Due to Challenging times!


The first instinct that hits the subconscious mind in most people when faced with hurdles  is to consider the option of quitting. It always seems to be the safest and easiest route of escape. But it’s not!

When you decide to quit, you let go of your potential. You frown on your dreams and you eventually lose. Truth be told, turbulent moments will always hit in varying degrees and magnitude. When you find yourself in those rough patches, it’s not time to give up. Rather, it’s time to focus and stay the course.

Those who brave turbulent moments will most likely bounce back with resounding success to their credit. I want that to be your story. That is my story, I have faced so many hurdles in my life but stood by my motto! Don’t Quit!

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