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Choose Your Battles Wisely

Nearly every day, we are presented with different types of battles and the temptation to take them on is usually very high.

However, not every battle is yours to fight. You must learn to pick your fights well; that way, you will save your valuable time, energy, resources and enjoy your peace of mind.

If you are ever going to fight, make sure that the returns outweigh the risks associated with the battle you want to pick.

I’m reminded of a story in the Bible where before David fought Goliath, he asked an important question, “what will the man get who kills this Philistine and frees Israel from this disgrace?”

David learnt that King Saul has promised to give a big reward to the man who kills Goliath; the king also promised to give his daughter to marry and will not require his father’s family to pay taxes.

The rewards motivated David to slaughter and behead the giant Goliath.

Save yourself time and reputation. Avoid worthless battles, choose your fights wisely.

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