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A Memoir on Perseverance, Finance and Faith

Number #1 International Best Seller

I am thrilled to announce the release of my new book entitled Braving the Odds, A Memoir on Resilience, Finance, and Faith. Braving the Odds is an intimate and inspiring memoir by the CNBC, All Africa Business Woman of the Year Award Award winner.

Braving the Odds was released on Amazon on the 17th January and only 3 days after release the book was the best seller and hot release in a number of countries earning the proud title of #1 international Bestseller in various categories.

The Foreword was graciously provided by Professor Benedict Oramah, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Board of Directors African Export-Import Bank. Commenting on the book, professor Oramah said; The story of the African African girl child who overcame the hardest of barriers to self-determination. Sometimes the conquest at the end of a battle may blind us to the real weight of the obstacles that had to be overcome. Mizinga’s triumph shines a light on the resilience, tenacity and unrelenting spirit that drives the African woman. He went to say that, While He congratulated Mizinga on this well-documented life experience, He added that she had joined the growing list of African heroines and developed the blueprint for not only the African woman but all Africans aspiring for leadership in a challenging world. The young African girl may find solace in a paraphrased idea of Mizinga’s father: if rumbling thunder won’t hurt you, neither can the shrills of corporate politics. As a father of lovely and hardworking ladies, I feel proud that I have been given the opportunity to write this foreword.

Commenting on the Braving the Odds, Ms Dolika Banda, Development Finance and Investment Professional said: In Braving the Odds, Mizinga demonstrates and proves that it matters not where you come from; what matters is the opportunity and upside you create out of every circumstance. This is an uncensored story of the corporate world, as experienced through the life of a woman who has carved out her own worth by weaving her profession, traditions, and values into a singular brand. A must-read for women of all ages and the men in their lives.

Grab your copy of Braving the Odds on Amazon and Takealot in South Africa. It is also available in leading book stores through Ingram including Book world in Zambia.

Connect with Mizinga

Kenneth Mwale
Religious Leader and Author

Once in a while, the earth is blessed by someone who shows us that there are no odds that cannot be overcome. When a book is written about such a life, the story is immortalised. This book is about such a life and will live on beyond the author’s natural life. Mizinga Melu’s life, beautifully captured in this book, encap- sulates the saying, ‘Where there is a will, the way will be found’.

Musa Motloung
Senior Pastor at House of Destiny Family Church / Senior Executive at Standard Bank Group

I highly recommend Braving the Odds. Not only does Mizinga be- come vulnerable and honest in sharing her personal journey, but she also equips us with a propelling message of resilience as we pursue our God-given purpose. Countless people will certainly benefit from reading this book.

Reverend Bruce Msidi

Having had the privilege of interviewing her, formally and in- formally, on numerous occasions spurning a twenty-five-year period, I have come to believe that no one is more qualified to speak on how to overcome adversity and turn it into victory like Mrs. Mizinga Melu. This book is a fresh, humorous, and authentic masterpiece into the life of a great mother, wife, businesswoman, and corporate icon that will inspire readers on how God can turn failure and faith into fate and fortune.

George Mbulo

This is a must-read book for those who aspire to peek into a unique life of professional and family resilience, anchored in an attitude of mind where failure or setbacks are characterized as a springboard to higher opportunities in life. Mizinga Melu, an ad- mirably successful corporate executive facing and surmounting daunting hurdles on her upward professional mobility, shares some valuable practical principles applicable to broader spheres of organizational and professional leadership ascendancy. Brav- ing the Odds depicts her personal pilgrimage in life in this easy- to-read and inspirational memoir.

Zienzi Dillon
Chief Executive Officer / Carmel Global Capital

Her clarity of career aspirations and her focus towards attaining the same speaks of her strength, focus and hard work. She would work hard including not being afraid to ask for help and the results and impact would speak for themselves. That reminds me of Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba who said: “When somebody says they've done something and they have to spend one hour explaining what they've done, then they've done nothing!”

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